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House of Games


A psychiatrist comes to the aid of a compulsive gambler and is led my a smooth-talking grifter into the shadowy but compelling world of stings, scams, and con men.

Infohash : C371EBB87DBEADF68EC2A8C6A8E9CED34E7EAC3E

By the way we have just received some discs for missing episodes
of previous interesting British comedy (Waiting for god) and Barrister
drama series (Kavanagh QC) of offerings, we should have them
converted quickly and be able to post the complete Series of each
on a separate torrent of the full program each of these great British
programs in due course hoping for your seeding support to continue
to make more such offerings possible in the interests of all concerned
who enjoy the greatest of British programming that we offer from time
to time here.

The House of Games (1987) 720p H.264 WebDL Joe Mantegna
(moviesbyrizzo) multisubs and bonus

1280 X 692 H.264 1.5GB MP4 video file with real nice picture
quality plus AAC audio multisubs included for your convenience
Many other subtitles languages we hoped to find weren't posted
around as far as we could tell. sorry - maybe you'll have better
luck finding them than we did.

subs included here for English Greek Portuguese Romanian
Serbian and Spanish

bonus 100MB Xvid interview with Mr Joe Mantegna about
his views on the issues raised by the movie

This movie rated as best picture on the Ebert and Siskel for 1987
and is one of my most favourite movies. We put up one of the very
first versions in DivX many years ago now and had some success
along the way at one point doing quite well with our offering.

If someone tells you they aren't worthy of trust - and yet you see fit
to take a chance with such a person as that - whose fault is it really-
"if you get took"! That's the question actor Mr. Joe Mantegna asks
in this movie as articulated in the interview we have here included for
you as a "DVD extra" we got from the Criterion DVD a few years back.

This is a truly great movie to see. Lindsay Crouse is a gentle soul who is
taken for a bit of a ride by characters who are in fact alienated from her
Christianly spirit. She may seem tough on the exterior at times, however
that is mere defensiveness she has learned as a coping mechanism in what
has been her world. Joe Mantegna is magnificent,seeming to want to be a
nice guy while the character he plays finds he is having instincts he cannot
control at the root in this very fine movie. Neither can the other actors
character portrayed in the movie seem to be able to do her justice it seems.
How sad. We hope to change things in the future by bringing such movies
as this to everyone on the planet who can help make things better for Lindsay
Crouse and Joe Mantegna in the character roles they assume.when they
interact some more in the future perhaps

There are twists and turns which will astound you and the suspense
is captivating and thrilling. It really is a movie worth seeing and
owning in your personal library, worthy of a cult following even.

If psychological drama and suspense is your thing, and you enjoy an
intelligent uptake on it, grab this one as a "must have" in your collection
of greatest movies.

Michael Rizzo Chessman


The House of Games (1987) 720p H.264 WebDL (moviesbyrizzo) subtitles folder The House of Games (1987) 720p H.264 WebDL (moviesbyrizzo) Greek
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